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Strategic Ops Training Ultimate SEAL Adventures

Assess. Communicate. Move. Shoot.

The World’s most elite warriors, former US Navy SEAL instructors provide dynamic and highly realistic adventures that apply
principles and methodologies developed and proven over decades of real world Special Operations experience.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be the best of the best?  This is your chance to find out!

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Ultimate Navy SEAL Combat Adventure

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Ultimate Navy SEAL Sniper           Adventure

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Ultimate Navy SEAL Urban Defense Adventure

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Strategic Ops Training Ultimate Adventures

The Ultimate Navy SEAL Adventure series engages all your senses, utilizing highly realistic, sceanrio-based training.  You will experience a "Day
in the life of a Navy SEAL" and enjoy a unique experience and the adventure of a lifetime.   The courses we offer include dynamic firearms training using nonlethal Simmunition without the boom, recoil or fear factor typically associated with firearms training .