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Get Your California Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

Course Overview

This course is intended for people who are in a higher risk catagory than the general population and want to get a California Concealed Weapons Carry Permint. This class focuses on the safe use of firearms and is taught by a US Navy SEAL Master Training Specialist. It will teach you all the basics including firearms safety, situational awareness, defensive mindset, fundamentals of shooting, and maintaining your handgun. Students will start with non-lethal simmunition and then move on to live-fire only when they are comfortable with the operation of the handgun. The successful completion of this course will give you the basic foundation you need for the safe and proper usage of firearms and the ability to apply for your CCW permit.

All you need to do is attend the 4 to 8 hour Course, and apply for your CCW permit! Once you have been approved by your local Sheriff’s Department, you can complete your Range Training and Qualification within 90-days of your approval letter. This means you can take the class now, while you are waiting for your initial appointment or board approval, select the appropriate concealed carry guns, concealment holsters, gear, and get all of the additional training and practice you need before completing your final range course and qualification. If you are thinking of applying, but are not sure if you meet the current “Good Cause” issuing requirements, our course will provide guidance on our "Good Cause" statement and help get you started in the right direction. Just follow these three easy steps:

1) Watch the 12 minute “How to apply for your CCW” video above and read through this entire page for examples and recommendations


3) Check our schedule and sign up using the “SIGN UP HERE” button below! 

Cost: Call for Pricing                  (619) 417-1971
Course Length: 3 Hours
Prerequisite: None
When: TBD
Where: TBD
Required Gear: Comfortable clothes and shoes. Handgun if you own one, otherwise we can provide firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection for a fee.