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Strategic Ops  Training Civilian Courses

Assess. Communicate. Move. Shoot.

  The World’s most elite warriors, former US Navy SEAL instructors provide dynamic and highly realistic adventures that apply principles and methodologies for personal defense that were developed and proven over decades of real world Special Operations experience.

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Personal Defense Series


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Dynamic Handgun

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Dynamic Rifle

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Active Shooter Preparedness:
How to Survive


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Long Range Precision Marksmanship:
For Sportsman and Hunters

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Strategic Ops Trianing for Civilians

Strategic Ops Training teaches civilians how to protect themselves from becoming victims of violent crime by first showing them how to recognize and avoid the situation, then how to respond given no other choice. This class is designed to show how to handle high-stress situations including home invasion, carjacking, mugging, and other violent crimes. The highly realistic scenario based series will include an Introduction to Firearems course using non-lethal Simunition without the noise, recoil, or fear factor typically experienced n firearms insrtiuction. The course will be conducted in a safe, fun, non-threatening environment in San Diego, California, and it will provide a great opportunity to learn about key principles and practices to protecting yourself and your family.

Our Active Shooter Survival course is designed to teach civilians, students, and corporate employees how to respond in the event of
an Active Shooter Situation. Our simple and effective techniques are approved by the Department of Homeland Security.

Cost: Call for Pricing                        (866) 807-8728 x2
Course Length: 1-Day
Prerequisite: None
When: TBD
Where: San Diego, California
Required Gear: Comfortable clothes and shoes, eye and ear protection.