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Ultimate Navy SEAL Force-on-Force Combat Adventure

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A Day in the life of a Veteran SEAL

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be the best of the best?  Now is your chance to find out by spending a day with former US Navy SEAL instructors learning how Special Operations teams work together to achieve maximum performance.  Our elite instructors will share the principles and practices they use as a team both on and off the battlefield to accomplish their mission.

The Ultimate Navy SEAL Combat Adventure engages all your senses. Utilizing highly realistic, sceanrio-based training, we will introduce your to a "Day in the life of a Navy SEAL" and provide a unique experience and the adventure of a lifetime. Our Training will help you put the pieces together on how effective teamwork leads to peak performance, and you will leave with a new level of understanding on what it takes to get the most out of your team.  This experience is both fun and educational, and it puts you in the shoes of our nation's most elite warriors using non-lethal Simunition FX Marking Rounds in a safe, but highly realistic, high stress, immersive environment.

Training is conducted at the world renowned Strategic Operations Hyper-Realistic Training Center using the same facilities and rosources used by our natio's most elite warriors. Courses are taught by retired/former US Navy SEAL Master Training Specialists using curriculum and methodologies that have been proven over decades of real world Spec Ops experience.

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Cost: Call for Pricing          (866) 807-8728 x2       
Course Length: Full Day
Prerequisite: None
When: TBD
Where: San Diego, California
Required Gear: Comfortable clothes and shoes, eye and ear protection.