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Basic Rifle - Simunition TM

Course Overview

This course is intended for the people with little or no firearms experience. This class is designed to set the groundwork for safe and proper use of rifles. The course will be conducted in a fun, non-threatening environment, and will offer a great opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

This class will teach you all the basics including firearms safety, situational awareness, defensive mindset, fundamentals of shooting, and maintaining yourrifle. Students will start with non-lethal simmunition and then move on to live-fire only when they are comfortable with the operation of the rifle. The successful completion of this course will give you the basic foundation you need for the safe and proper usage of a rifle.

Cost: Call for Pricing                   (866) 807-8728 x2
Course Length: 3 Hours
Prerequisite: None
When: TBD
Where: TBD
Required Gear: Comfortable clothes and shoes. Handgun if you own one, otherwise we can provide firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection for a fee.