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Ultimate SEAL Sniper Adventure

A Day in the life of a Navy SEAL Scout/Sniper

Do you have what it takes?  Now is your chance to find out by spending two days with former US Navy SEAL Scout/Sniper instructors learning how to train, plan and execute a mission.  Our elite instructors will share the principles and practices they use on the battlefield to accomplish their mission.

The Ultimate SEAL Sniper Adventure will test your ability to learn new skills and implement them under a high stress and challenging environment. You will be stalking against trained former Special Operations Observers. NO QUARTER WILL BE GIVEN!!!

This Adventure is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. You will find out how mentally flexible, your ability to control your emotion, your ability to adapt, your level of grit and your ability to see a task through no matter how difficult it may be.

This Adventure is fun, challenging and it puts you in the shoes of our nation's most elite Scout/Snipers.  Training is conducted near San Diego, California.

 Are YOU up for this Adventure?

Cost: Call for Pricing                        (866) 807-8728 x2
Course Length: 1-Day
Prerequisite: None
When: TBD
Where: San Diego, California
Required Gear: Comfortable clothes and shoes, eye and ear protection.