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fORCE ON  FORCE Stress incoculation

Force on Force Scenario-Based Training:

Will put escalation of defensive response to the test

Have you ever wondered what you would do to protect yourself or your loved ones when faced with a real-life threat?  Now is your chance to find out by spending a day with our retired/former US Navy SEAL and MARSOC instructors learning how to protect yourselves from these men who have faced danger throughout their lives.  Our SEAL and MARSOC instructors will share the principles and practices they use to protect themselves when confronted with a self-defense situation and have to make life-or-death decisions.

Our Training Courses will help you put the pieces together, to face your fears, and you will leave with a new level of understanding of what it takes to not become a victim!

This experience is both fun and educational, and it puts you in the shoes of our nation's most elite warriors using non-lethal Force on Force marking rounds in a safe, but highly realistic, immersive environment.


Our courses are taught by retired/former US Navy SEAL Master and MARSOC Training Specialists using a curriculum and methodologies that have been proven over decades of real-world Spec Ops experience. 

Each scenario will include a shoot and no shoot threat to teach the most optimized 


  • Home Invasion

  • Public Active Shooter

  • ATM Robbery

  • Parking Lot Confrontation

  • Carjacking

Results: Self Awareness, Improved Firearms safe handling skills, and Self Confidence!

All equipment provided.

Price: $500 per day per person.

Although it's not necessary, it's recommended to take handgun levels 1 and 2 before this course to learn the fundamentals of weapons handling.

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