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This course provides an individual with little or no training with a scoped weapon with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Long Range Precision Marksmanship. This course is suited for civilians and any military unit that is looking to increase their capabilities with surgical long-range engagements. The course curriculum is broken down in easy to understand modules that build upon each other to provide the student with a basic understanding of Long Range Precision Marksmanship. The course will be instructed by former Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor Chief Tosh Carrington.

Long Range Marksmanship Level 1:

  • ​Safety review

  • The Sniper and the weapon system

  • Maintaining the weapon system

  • Fitting the weapon

  • Scope adjustment, MIL vs. MOA

  • Sniper equipment

  • 7 Points of Performance

  • Zeroing the weapon

  • Collecting data

  • Ballistics

  • Reading wind

  • Spotting Methods

Class fee includes instruction, use of firearms, targets,  a completion certificate & range fees.  



  •  300 rounds of ammunition

  •  Rifle with magnified scoped 

Price: $700.00



Long Range Marksmanship Level 2:

  • Duties of shooter and spotter

  • Correcting for elevation & wind

  • Methods of judging distance

  • Methods of observation

  • Range card

  • Shooting applications: 100-800 yards

  • Unknown distance engagements

  • Movers and Pop-up targets

  • Shooting positions

  • Intro to Low Light/Night Shooting

  • Intro to high-angle shooting

Class fee includes instruction, lesson plans, targets, a completion certificate & range fees.  


  • 300 rounds of ammunition

  • Rifle with magnified scoped 

Price: $700.00 

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